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Montreal public transit planner will help you find your way around Montreal. You will just need to specify your origin, your destination as well as some options related to your trip. Your origin and destination could be either a metro station, an address or a street intersection. Trip options are your departure day, as well as your preferred departure or arrival time. You can also ask the trip planner to minimize walking distances and transfers. Finally, it is possible to choose whether to use the metro and the train or not.

The planner will then suggest up to three routes that meet your criteria. Moreover, the trip planner will try to locate your routes and display them on a map of Montreal. This will allow you to navigate from one stop to another all along your routes just using the map. Finally, the planner will search and display photos of these stops. This will help giving you a feel about the places your are planning to visit.

This public transit planner is a Web 2.0 application that integrates different services. Routes are computed by Tous azimuts the fruit of a collaboration between the STM, Montreal's public transit company, and the MADITUC research team at the Polytechnic School of Montreal.

Map services are based on the Google maps API. Finally, stop photos are dynamically retrieved from Flickr. This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr. Similarily, this site is not related in any way to STM.

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